War for Gibraltar? No, gracias.

There was an interesting Brexit development last week, as I'm sure you're aware, with the ever-ineffective Theresa May finally triggering Article 50 to formally start the exit of the UK from the EU. This sparked the Remain/Leave argument again, something that has been largely missing in the past couple of months, as boring Brexit took... Continue Reading →

A night at “the darts”…

As anybody who knows me in any way will know, I'm a huge fan of the darts. Thursday nights, without fail, find me glued to a screen watching the Premier League, with Michael van Gerwen pounding in 180 after 180, and Russ "The Voice" Bray's strained tones bursting with delight out of my speakers. It's... Continue Reading →


If you've followed English football in any way over the course of this current Premier League season, then it will have been impossible for you to have missed the Paul Pogba story. As background to Pogba, he's a 23 year old, French central midfielder. He started his professional career at Le Havre AC in France,... Continue Reading →

Umbrella Etiquette – get it right

While the British climate could never be described as dry, I think that winter, in particular, obviously brings with it more rain than usual. Hairstyles get wrecked, moods dip, posh towns in the south flood, and everybody’s favourite bugaboo comes out of the woodwork; the umbrella. Social etiquette, in my view, is largely becoming forgotten,... Continue Reading →

The future of motor sport? Boredom.

I’m a huge fan of Formula 1 racing, and a “lifelong” Ferrari fan, having been brought up watching Michael Schumacher dominate the sport. Contrary to form, when it came to Formula 1, I was a real glory-hunter. A few years ago, the FIA launched their Formula E series. As a quick explanation, it’s pretty much... Continue Reading →

To vote or not to vote?

As you’ll know, because you’ve obviously read my last post about my prediction, the people of Northern Ireland are about to go to the polls. This will, as all big votes do, cause a flurry of “You’d better vote” statuses and tweets, which I find infuriating. This is just a short post to point out... Continue Reading →


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