What am I paying for?

To use a Masterchef cliché - train companies, in particular Northern Rail, need to up their respective games. It’s simply not good enough, and it’s particularly annoying because there’s nothing I can really do about it. They’ve caught me in their outdated iron web of screechy, wobbly incompetence.


Becoming More Bitter

There are regular hot drinks runs done in the office and I've been partaking for a few weeks. It struck me today, as I sipped a mug of coffee that was almost black, that my tastes were almost unrecognisable from a decade ago.

Bus Behaviour

When I was commuting on a daily basis from Liverpool to Manchester and back, trains were the bane of my life. Horrible, old-school, rickety, cold, and deafening boxes which rattled unforgivingly from Oxford Road to Lime Street. Now that I live in Eccles, buses have become the bane of my life, instead. Compared to Northern... Continue Reading →

Umbrella Etiquette – get it right

While the British climate could never be described as dry, I think that winter, in particular, obviously brings with it more rain than usual. Hairstyles get wrecked, moods dip, posh towns in the south flood, and everybody’s favourite bugaboo comes out of the woodwork; the umbrella. Social etiquette, in my view, is largely becoming forgotten,... Continue Reading →


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