Manchester Elects: Will Patterson

In the final installment of this Manchester Mayoral Election focussed series ("Hooray!", says you.), we take a look at the manifesto of Green Party candidate, Will Patterson. I've been keeping a league table running for who I'd most likely vote for, based purely on the candidate's manifesto. Which is why there are 5 in the... Continue Reading →

Manchester Elects: Sean Anstee

With Greater Manchester heading to the polls on Thursday to decide on their first Mayor, I've been taking a look at the manifesto of each of the candidates for the election. So far, we've gone through Labour's Andy Burnham, the Liberal Democrats' Jane Brophy, and the English Democrats' Stephen Morris, and my personal league table... Continue Reading →

Manchester Elects: Stephen Morris

We've had a look at Andy Burnham of Labour and Jane Brophy of the Liberal Democrats and the current league table looks like this: 1st - Andy Burnham 2nd - Jane Brophy But how does Stephen Morris of the English Democrats stand up? Let's have a look at his manifesto and see. Stephen or, it... Continue Reading →

Manchester Elects: Jane Brophy

Next in line for a manifesto analysis is the Liberal Democrats' Jane Brophy. Cllr Jane Brophy is, it won't surprise you to know, a councillor. More specifically, she's holds a bit of power in the Timperley Ward of Trafford Council. She's had a long history of campaigning, with a particular emphasis on the environment in... Continue Reading →

Manchester Elects: Andy Burnham

With the vote for Manchester's first Mayor creeping ever closer, I was pleased to receive through my door a booklet which included an introduction to the election, instructions for how to vote, and the manifestos of each of the candidates (or at least those who submitted one). I thought it would be an idea to... Continue Reading →

War for Gibraltar? No, gracias. (Pt 2)

My post on the comments of Lord Howard has sparked some debate. Which is great! I love debating! It allows people to explain and explore their opposing views, and sometimes even change them. Now, my views haven't changed overnight, but it was good to enter into debate with a few people over the opinion I... Continue Reading →

War for Gibraltar? No, gracias.

There was an interesting Brexit development last week, as I'm sure you're aware, with the ever-ineffective Theresa May finally triggering Article 50 to formally start the exit of the UK from the EU. This sparked the Remain/Leave argument again, something that has been largely missing in the past couple of months, as boring Brexit took... Continue Reading →

To vote or not to vote?

As you’ll know, because you’ve obviously read my last post about my prediction, the people of Northern Ireland are about to go to the polls. This will, as all big votes do, cause a flurry of “You’d better vote” statuses and tweets, which I find infuriating. This is just a short post to point out... Continue Reading →

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