My Pizza Hut Hell

Everybody knows there are a lot of different pizzas out there on the market. Some are good, Goodfella's Loaded Cheese Deep Pan for instance, and some are bad, like Dr. Oetker's Ristorante range (who puts tomato chunks in the sauce? Horrible. The Papa John's of supermarket pizza). Some, however, are amazing, like Pizza Hut, without... Continue Reading →


Freddo: The fall of an idol

I’m livid, I won’t lie. Not at the social injustice of a co-worker being turned away from winning a PrettyLittleThing competition on the grounds of being male (as ridiculous as that is), but at the news that Freddos, historically one of my favourite after-school treats, are to have a price-hike to 30p. 30 whole pence... Continue Reading →

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