War for Gibraltar? No, gracias. (Pt 2)

My post on the comments of Lord Howard has sparked some debate. Which is great! I love debating! It allows people to explain and explore their opposing views, and sometimes even change them. Now, my views haven’t changed overnight, but it was good to enter into debate with a few people over the opinion I expressed.

I don’t want to make this terribly long-winded. So I’ll set out some clarifying points on my last post.

Firstly, there were comments seen as disparaging to Gibraltans (I honestly still don’t know if that’s the right term). I didn’t mean to be disparaging to Gibraltans or Gibraltar.

Secondly, I don’t think that war with Spain over Gibraltar is actually imminent. I think it’s a fancy of an idiot who spoke too soon, but that’s the sort of comment that can theoretically cause something. Let me make it clear that I talk about war with Spain full in the knowledge that it’s a hypothetical situation.

And thirdly, I’ll clarify the nub of my last post. Gibraltar is fine, it’s somewhere I’ve never been, probably somewhere I’ll never go, and, apart from historical significance, I still don’t see what is so very important about it. Some have taken my comments to mean that I would happily see Gibraltar thrown off from the UK. In reality, I’d rather we kept them, because “why not?”, but if it came to war for them, I’d not be bothered by Spain taking control if it meant we didn’t have a war with a country who is currently helping refuel Russian military to attack Syria.

Others might think that’s silly, as is their right. But I don’t personally see value in a war for Gibraltar, if it came to it, which I doubt it will.

One of my wonderful and more cherished readers made a good point about the similarity between this situation and the Republic of Ireland making a claim for Northern Ireland in 1998 before the Good Friday Agreement. Would I have been bothered about Northern Ireland being taken by RoI? Probably, and that’s because I’m from there. Is that a bit hypocritical? Yeah, probably, but only because I’m incredibly biased.

Having said that, would I pick up a gun and go to war for NI to stay with the UK…nah, probably not. That’s “The Troubles”, and nobody wants that. Does that conflict with my Unionist viewpoint? I don’t think so. I’d much prefer The Union to having Northern Ireland as part of the Republic. Not because England claimed it and it’s theirs and that’s that. For pretty much every reason bar that.

Perhaps that’s another blog post in itself, but in the end, my view is clearly biased. Of course it is. Nobody has an unbiased view. I’d rather the UK kept on to NI than Gibraltar, but that doesn’t mean that I want Gibraltar just given to Spain, you see?

Just, if it came to it, and at this point it’s purely hypothetical, I’d rather not be caught in a war with Spain. There’s the nub of my last post, and if you’d rather be caught in a war over Gibraltar, then I think you’re completely wrong. But that’s your right.

Whoops, that was rather long-winded wasn’t it? I promise the next one will be lighter, it’s about my trip to the Speedway!

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