War for Gibraltar? No, gracias.

There was an interesting Brexit development last week, as I’m sure you’re aware, with the ever-ineffective Theresa May finally triggering Article 50 to formally start the exit of the UK from the EU.

This sparked the Remain/Leave argument again, something that has been largely missing in the past couple of months, as boring Brexit took a back seat to a plethora of “terrorist” and “governmental” attacks on various important and, seemingly, completely irrelevant parts of the world.

While a lot of topics are debated once again across all forms of social media, usually stupidly, with little thought given to the opposing opinion, the most bizarre of them all so far has been what is to become of Gibraltar.

I expect I’m not entirely alone in not knowing a thing about why Gibraltar is important to the UK. I believe there’s a military base there? And some monkeys? Maybe I’m missing something major, but I’m almost positive that I’m not. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a territory of ours, which is just what it is. I appreciate that 99% of Gibraltans (?) want to remain under British rule, according to a referendum of sorts a few years back, but if control of Gibraltar was to pass to Spain for whatever reason, I wouldn’t be bothered. Not in the slightest. And I don’t think many others would be.

Ex-Conservative leader, Lord Howard has stated that May would defend control of Gibraltar in the same way that Thatcher (hold your boos) defended the Falklands from Argentina. Pardon me, Lord Howard, but I for one certainly do not want to go to war with Spain over Gibraltar.

Given a choice between keeping Gibraltar and going to war with Spain, or not going to war with Spain and just letting them take Gibraltar, I’ll happily choose the latter. Far too much talk of war going on around the world. Theresa May, in one of her best decisions to date, has laughed off chat of the war with Spain, and Spanish politicians have been surprised by the “tone” of Lord Howard’s comments. So things look largely positive on that front, at least.

Again, maybe I’m missing something special about Gibraltar, but I’d happily trade a bit of land which holds not too much more than a military base, some monkeys, and a couple of tax-dodging bookies. I hope we don’t end up going to war with Spain. It’ll be at least a nuisance to me, and a lot worse than that for a lot of other people. Someone, somewhere, needs to keep Lord Howard quiet before he actually says something which causes irreversible damage.

I have seen a couple of social media posts, from groups like the Protestant Coalition, which were in support of holding onto Gibraltar at all costs. Don’t listen to morons like that, they’re blindly holding onto something because it’s currently “theirs”. Like keeping hold of an empty water bottle. It is yours, but its not adding any value to your life.

By the way, if I am missing something special about Gibraltar, I’d love to know what it is. Ideas on a postcard.

5 thoughts on “War for Gibraltar? No, gracias.

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  1. Maybe because it is full of British people, who rightly or wrongly, want to remain British. Or because it was ceded in perpetuity to Britain by Spain under treaty in 1713.

    Both fairly important facts.

    War? If Spain invaded? Don’t know…I suppose if The Isle of Man claimed and invaded Blackpool, there might be a bit of a kerfuffle with the Manx to get Blackpool back.

    Although. Blackpool….?


    1. More than happy to keep Gibraltar if they want to be there but I wouldn’t support a war over it. Blackpool I could take or leave. Although the Darts Masters are there every year so it’s a tough choice.


  2. Gibraltar ought to be treated like an old and loyal veteran who served their country in times of peril. As indeed it did. It was the fortress that kept alive the convoys from America bringing vital aid to an isolated UK. It was the place from where Operation Toruch was planned and co-ordinated to remove NAZI germany from the medeteraninian and to eliminate and liberate North African, an Italy. It ran an exceptionally important MI5 station intercepting mail ships crossing the Atlantic and uncovering vitaal intelligence about enemy operations.
    If it was a bloke, an old soldier, we would dress it in a red coat and honour and salute it.


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