Trump Trumps Brexit

Brexit and Donald Trump’s Presidential success have been, without doubt, the main talking points of 2016. Far be it from me to blow my own trumpet, but I called both of those. While everyone was spouting off about the impossibility of both things happening, yours truly was one of the sagely few who predicted both.

I now find myself in a camp of people who are at peace with both things. Did I vote for Brexit? Yes, I did. Would I have voted for Donald Trump over Hilary Clinton? No, probably not. But being at peace with both results allows me to step back from the furore and mass hysteria, and set out my thoughts on events.

The chaos surrounding Brexit has finally started to subside, in no small part due to Trump’s win, I have no doubt, and that is a welcome change. Within days of the Brexit result, I was already done with listening to tripe about the hell people like me had plunged the country into. I endured horrible vitriol, directed not only at me, but also at “Leave Voters” en masse. To say people were being overdramatic would be a ludicrous understatement. I understand that some voters voted “Leave” because they wanted to rid the country of foreigners, and that’s their right. It’s not a reason I support (not even in the slightest), but it’s their right to have that opinion on things. I voted “Leave” as I felt we’d be better served controlling everything ourselves (as basic as that sounds, it is a short blog after all).

People need to realise, as I think they are now starting to, that things will not be as bad as they first thought, despite having Theresa May leading things. She needs to go, she’s drab and awful. It might bite at the pride of the “Remain” camp but you may have been wrong about how things would pan out. For now, anyway, I’m very interested to see how things go after Article 50 is invoked. It might still go belly-up, but for now, all is pretty well.

Trump, as I mentioned previously, managed to sway attention away from the travesty of Brexit and people began to realise that this incredibly rich business tycoon was, unbelievably, a racist misogynist! Go figure! Nobody expected that, did they? Incredibly rich business tycoons, as a rule, have impeccable morals, don’t they? On the other hand, they had the twisted, war-mongering, shady choice of Hilary Clinton. Honestly, not an easy choice for me. But seemingly it was incredibly simple for the people of America, and the loudest-shouting members of British society. Trump was bad. A modern day Hitler. Racism personified. #NotMyPresident started trending, despite Trump being very much their President. It descended into chaos.

But you know what? It’ll probably all be fine. Is Trump the first racist President? No. Is he the first sexist President? No. Is he the worst President ever nevertheless? Yes! Why? Because he just is. We don’t need facts, right? The less facts you have the more inaccurate you can be, hence the better your argument…isn’t that the way things work? He’s as bad a choice as Hilary would’ve been except, I believe, he’s less likely to start another war.

At the end of the day, Brexit is going to happen, despite Parliament having to vote on it (which I welcome). Trump is already President. I’m sick and tired of hearing faux-shock and amazement that either is happening. Complain about both if you want, not my business, but at least do it in the knowledge that there’s a chance you’re not right, and, when it comes to Trump, please stop treating him like he’s the most vile human being ever to take the office, because he really isn’t.

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