Piers Morgan v “the worst kind of parent”

Now let me note, before I launch into this, that I’ve not seen the clip from today’s Good Morning Britain. That’s the beauty of writing about things. You can be as uninformed as you like but still have a perfectly valid opinion!

So here’s the 2 sides of the argument as it appears they happened:

From what I can gather, the woman, dubbed by Piers Morgan as “the worst kind of parent”, sent her daughter off to a playdate in a pair of designer boots that cost in the region of £325. That’s the same price I paid for my PS4. Upon returning from the playdate, this woman found scuffs on her daughter’s ridiculously priced designer boots and promptly invoiced the other parent (of the child her daughter was playing with) for the cleaning/replacement/damage.

Piers Morgan seems to have argued that the child shouldn’t have been in such expensive clothes (as a man currently wearing an “outfit” that includes a £5 jacket, I can’t say I argue) and that the woman must surely have known that damage could ensue from such a situation. He then seems to have chosen that moment to dub her “the worst kind of parent”, triggering a spontaneous outburst of tears.

Now, it’s not often that I agree with Piers Morgan. He’s not quite Katie Hopkins but he does fall into that category of people who are usually so ridiculous and deliberately insulting that it’s funny. This is one of those occasions though. I mean, £325 for a pair of boots is something that my mind boggles at anyway, but when they’re for a child it becomes even more exasperating. And when that child gets put in those to go off and play with her friend(s), that’s just insane. What’s wrong with Primark (Primani…sorry.) when it comes to clothes, especially if you’re just messing with friends. Perhaps it’s not poor parenting, but it’s definitely idiotic. All hail Piers…for now.

I’ve garnered everything I think I know about this from posts on social media. Arguably more interesting and entertaining that the story, are the views of those posting about it on Facebook. Very pro-Morgan, in a very odd twist. Worth checking out, because there is so much ill-informed drivel coming out from people over this that it’s sure to be a comedy goldmine!

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